"Deep conversations with someone who understands you, is everything."

About Us

The unique thing about New Haven Life Coaching LLC is that we're not just coaching clients. Our clients get Empowered, Educated, and their quality of life is dramatically Enhanced. When Yahkeem created this company, he envisioned a platform where coaches go above and beyond for their clients in realizing their Full Potential, Purpose and Obtaining Life Balance. 


Many of us are influenced by our families, friends, and society on how we should live our lives. Our objective here at New Haven Life Coaching LLC is to make you think independently in order for you to reach your goals. According to Merriam-Webster, empowerment means the act or action of empowering someone or something: the granting of the power, right or authority to perform various acts or duties. In our sessions, we empower our clients with the knowledge to obtain Self-Control and Self-Determination over their lives.


Teaching clients creative ways to establish, execute and manifest obtainable goals. Learning life skills through coaching sessions, seminars, and real life experiences. We use a community partnerships and networks to bring forth trainings and seminars geared to help clients achieve both personal and professional goals. Traveling with clients to be there during their life changing situations and events. Having a coach there with clients in those terrifying life changing moments to answer any questions, concerns, or to advocate for their goals is both powerful and motivating.


The way we enhance our clients quality of life is by helping them grow and develop a positive mindset. When doubt and negativity clog our thoughts we stop growing mentally and physically. In the act of implementing the techniques and tool, our clients gain the ability to establish a goal driven mindset and their life blossoms like a flower on a tropical island. 

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New Haven Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a partnership with both the client and the coach to get the client in a transformative process that empowers and inspires them to reach their maximum potential. Life Coaching is frequently used to assist individuals as they prepare for or transition into a new career, improve daily habits, adapt to a changing environment or overcome specific obstacles. 

Why Life Coaching?

Whats better than having an accountability partner, confidante, and mentor who's there to help you hone in on achieving the life you deserve. Our coaches will assist you with setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely goals and the roadmap to obtain them. Along with creating a balanced life style to get you where you've always dreamed of being. 

What is Life Balance?


Life Balance is being equally satisfied with all the areas of your life to include: relationships, health, adventure, career, home, community involvement, personal growth, spirituality, and self education.

Discover ideas about Life Balance Wheel.

Just being dissatisfied in only one area of life will knock your life off balance. This can become very stressful as you try progress to your next level in life. There's still time to improve in those areas. Our Coaches have creative tools and techniques to help you reveal all that stress and become satisfied in all areas of to gain or reestablish life balance.