Sponsor A Student Today

In 2015, the state of Connecticut dished out almost $32 million to Connecticut Juvenile Training School. This accumulates to almost $2.6 million a month. Coaching and Mentoring dramatically reduces stress for teens, helps them reach their full potential, and helps them clarify goals and find their life purpose. It only cost about $1200 per year for one student to reek the benefits of Youth Strong New Haven Youth Development & Coaching Program. Become a Sponsor today to positively impact the life of a teen in New Haven forever.    

Your Involvement Can Help Young Adults Develop In These Areas 

Physical Development 

  • Good health habits

  • Good health risk management skills

  • Develop good sleep patterns

  • Develop a exercise regimen 



  • Good mental health, to include positive self-regard 

  • Good emotional self-regulation skills

  • Mastery motivation and positive achievement motivation 

  • Optimism coupled with realism 

  • Good conflict resolution skills

  • Spiritual or Larger sense of their purpose in life

Intellectual Development

  • Knowledge of essential life skills

  • Knowledge of essential vocational skills

  • Rational habits of mind-critical thinking and reasoning skills

  • Knowledge of skills needed to navigate through multiple cultural contexts

  • Rational habits of mind-critical thinking and reasoning skills

  • In-depth knowledge of more than one culture

Social Developement

  • Connectedness-perceived good relationship and trust with parents and other adults in their life

  • Sense of social place/integration-being connected and valued by lager networks 

  • Find attachment to pro-social institutions, such as schools, religious practices, other youth and self-development programs

  • Ability to navigate in multiple cultural contexts 

  • Become committed to civic engagement