group coaching

So your're seeking the life you've always dream of, but everyday life is keeping you from moving forward and achieving the next level. Do you love working in groups and being surrounded by like-minded individuals? Are you still working on opening up to strangers and improving interpersonal skills or just can't afford one on one coaching? If this sounds like you then group coaching is a perfect match. 

Why Choose Group Coaching?

Although most people shy away from groups in general, small group workshops can be very beneficial and rewarding. Our workshop is designed to meet the needs of the group, give attention to each participant, be affordable, peer engagement, fast paced and focused. 

We understand that not everyone can afford one on one life coaching. So we’ve designed a 3 day small group coaching workshop, at a very reasonable price. This Workshop is aimed to align your personal development goals and your career goals. Yes, fast paced and extremely focused on giving you the techniques and tools you need to achieve the life you dream. 

Small Group coaching allows coaches the opportunity to attend to each persons questions and help with mapping out their plan. No one gets left behind in our group. The group also allows participants the opportunity to engage, network and run ideas off of each other. Being around like mind individuals gives off  abundance of positive energy, gets ideas flowing, and motivates the group to want to do more. 

The days of putting off your personal development goals and obtaining the career you dreamed about are over. Life will not wait around for you to take that leap forward, its all in your hands. Take the phrases "I can’t", "maybe next year", and "its too hard out" of your vocabulary and replace it with, "I can", "the time is now", and "I accept the challenge". 

Life is about how much you can take and keep fighting, how much you can suffer and keep moving forward.

Anderson Silva 

2020 Prom Drive
March 1- April 12, 2020
New Haven