Terone 'Tea' Montgomery

The inner-city can be a trap for those without an escape. I have been fortunate to be able to use art and creative solutions as mine. For a long time I lacked focus, trying to understand what it is that a person like me is meant to do. I was trying to understand what I have to offer the world.

With my bachelors degree in Marketing and Masters coursework in Management with a focus in Entertainment Business, I struggled with bridging my artist mind with my business mind. My Life has been a journey of self-discovery, experimenting and finding my place between the two. Becoming an Artist Entrepreneur.

I worked in corporate America for several years trying to climb the invisible ladder. Each day feeling less fulfilled and more unlike myself. I realized that I was not living in my power, and this was the reason I felt unfulfilled and lost. I decided to focus my energy on building myself, finding new paths to happiness, and how I can capitalize on my true skills, talents and gifts. Since my youth growing up in New Haven, I always sought to empower people.

I believe that a person is capable of whatever idea they have for themselves. The largest obstacles that we face are the barriers that we build. This can be the barrier of non-belief, lack of confidence and lack of self-education. We build barriers of fear and doubt, and allow these to dictate our progress. I find that those who lack motivation, or depend on outside sources to motivate, simply have not found their “why,” or the right method to self motivate.


I make things make sense to people. I love taking an idea and bringing it to fruition. What you can expect from me is to help you understand exactly what it is that you want for yourself. I will help you understand the steps it takes to become this, so that you may then bring it to fruition. We will discover new methods to self-motivate, new methods to focus you and new methods to activate your power and ideas. We will also use art and creative solutions to destress, and take control of your thoughts. Together, we will make you the You that you have always wanted to be.

Terone Montgomery
1 hr