Yahkeem 'Keemy' Howard

I've always viewed myself to be a compassionate and intuitive person, but I couldn’t answer these three questions. Who Am I, Where Am I Going, And How Am I Going To Get There? It wasn’t until I came across the website and book The Power of Positivity, where I stopped in my tracks to take the time I needed, away from reality, to answer these questions about myself.

I was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. I had always dreamed of becoming a teacher and living my best life, but I failed at establishing a detailed roadmap. I could assume, that this sounds a lot like yourself.


I was serving my country proudly in the Army National Guard while attending college full-time but despite all of that, I lacked ambition. I continuously made mistakes and felt as if I was digging myself a six foot hole. I followed a path that was created for me rather than creating my own. I wanted instant gratification for my accomplishments, but never clarified my vision or end goal. My biggest downfall was that I failed to establish life most important characteristics such; moral, values, beliefs and taking full responsibility for my actions.

My past was enriched with pain, doubt, loss, healing and destructive relationships. Through all of the obstacles, I carry no regret and I stand tall as the man I am today in result of it all.

Answering the questions ‘Who am I? Where am I going? and how am I going to get there?', helped me take full responsibility for my actions and behaviors. In establishing productive and purposeful habits, my mindset evolved, life started to happen and opportunities started to appear. My goals became more realistic and achievable. This completely realigned, reformed and transitioned my life. I want to share these tools and resources to help assist you, with remapping your life.

My purpose is to empower people, like yourself and help them regain control of their life right now. In doing so, people can live out their dreams and obtain true happiness. I am very passionate about helping people develop a deeper sense of awareness in self identity and life purpose. I will advocate for, and reconfirm your dreams and goals.


Currently, I work with people from all walks of life such as: youth, college students, professionals, sports players, veterans and all who are ready to reach the next level. I offer individual and group coaching.

Lets get doubt and insecurity out your life and replace them with confidence as soon as possible. Only then you will be able to obtain the powerful mindset that awaits you and start achieving your goals.

Life is going to be tough, you must be tougher. Things are going to happen, you must be resilient. There's always a easy way out, you must never give up.

 Keemy Howard

Create your own path, but be sure to leave trail for others.

Keemy Howard

Yahkeem Howard
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